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Otto’s Coat of Many Colours

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Otto’s Coat of Many Colours


Colourful fully lined dog coat for your furry best friend. 8 ply knit



When I got my little dachshund Otto I did not realise he would feel the cold. Even on a fairly mild morning he would be shivering away and thinking he would need to be carried rather than getting his delicate little toes anywhere near the ground. The solution – a lovely warm knitted coat. When I looked at the available patterns they all seemed to involve posting tiny little legs into little sleeve like holes which I knew would be a nightmare with such a wriggler so I designed this simple coat with a nice wide strap for under the tummy and straps to do up around the chest. Much easier than posting tiny wriggly paws into sleeve like holes. Otto Has tried his jacket on even though it is Summer and he seems to be quite happy with it. I have made it very bright and stripy but you could knit it plain or in your football team colours. It is a very adaptable pattern. The coat is lined with fleece fabric and has velcro fastenings for ease of getting off and on. You don’t need fantastic dressmaking skills for this. I did bind the whole thing with a stretch binding but you can leave this step out by simply zig zagging the edges of your fleece section to finish them and the stitching the knitted piece and the fleece section together. I made Otto’s coat in the smallest size as he is very tiny but I have given several sizes. To tailor the coat to fit your dog all you really need to do is measure their back length from neck to tail and neck diameter as this will tell you how long you need to make the main section and the chest straps. By looking at the tension you will be able to see how much wider you will make it by adding extra stitches. For example. If you add an extra 11 sts at the cast on edge the piece will be 5cm wider.


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